Drilling Equipment

Smith international Gulf Services provides the drilling industry with a comprehensive selection of downhole and surface drilling equipment.

As an OEM holding API Q1 and SPEC 7 certification, we guarantee consistent quality standards throughout our range of manufactured products.

  • Drill Collars
  • Rotary Substitutes
  • Welded Blade Stabilizers
  • Integral Blade Stabilizers
  • Ezy-change Sleeve Type Stabilizers
  • Milling Tools
  • Hole Openers
  • Drill Pipe Threading & Repairs
  • HWDP Threading & Repairs
  • Roller Reamers
  • Kellys
  • Kelly Saver Subs
  • Top Drive Saver Subs
  • EZY Torque Units
  • Manufacturing to DS1 & NS2 standards


SIGS can also provide custom solutions to our clients who have non-standard manufacturing needs.