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SIGS has a strict "no room for error" policy.
Precision products from an experienced team provide the end user a guarantee of quality across all our products.

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Welcome to Smith Intl Gulf Services

SMITH International Gulf Services has been operating in the Middle East and African regions for over 35 years providing quality non-destructive testing and certification services. We are a leading provider of field inspection services, machine shop services, lifting equipment inspection and fluid sealing services to the Middle East’s upstream oil & gas industry. Our stringent quality system in conjunction with our extensive training programs provides the industry with the highest standards of personnel and quality of equipment.

Who we are?

SMITH International Gulf Services, LLC is a joint venture between the Oilfield Supply Centre (Dubai, UAE) and SMITH

International Development Corporation, with its head office based in building no. 12 Oilfield supply centre, Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, UAE.

  • Today, SIGS is operating in Middle East and African Regions.

  • Our philosophy is one of creating and perfecting tools
    to increase prodcutivity.
  • Customer focus and service excellence is of the utmost importance today

  • Social

    SIGS is committed to behave ethically and contibute to economic development .

  • QHSE

    The long-term business success of SIGS, depends on our ability to

  • Services

    We are a leading provider of Field Inspection, Machine Shop, LEI & Fluid Sealing ...

  • Mission

    Our Mission is to provide premier customer service, operating efficiencies.
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Smith International Gulf Services
Building # 12 Oil Feild Supply Center
Jeble Ali Free Zone, Dubai
United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971-4-8836268
FaxL +971-4-8836502